Freshfeed App Case Study

Client: Fligoo | Year: 2015 | Role: Designer, Creative Director, User Researcher

About the Company:

Freshfeed is an app designed and developed by Fligoo. It is an “interest aggregator” that will scour through your social media likes, posts, events, etc. and serve you with relevant news articles, event invites, and photos and videos you will enjoy.

The Problem:

There was a very sophisticated algorithm in place that was in development for over a year, but there was no way to serve it in a beautiful, usable UI.

The Challenge:

Create a user friendly UX and UI that allows a user to consume the content served up by the proprietary algorithm.

My Role:

I was the sole designer on this project that ran weekly status meetings, interacted with engineers, and product managers, while also running user testing sessions and prototype demonstrations to our CEO, board and investor panel.


I was brought on to Fligoo as a Creative Director consultant. They had a goal to launch a new iOS app within 6 months. This included design, testing, development and all marketing assets being created. I was responsible for the overall direction of their new brand Freshfeed.

The basic concept of the app is as follows: After connecting your Facebook account to the app, it would scrub through your posts, photos, likes, groups you are in, and events you’ve attended to gather insight on things you’re interested in. The algorithm then suggests different types of content such as articles,  events, photos and videos to you.

I was responsible for not only the design of the app, but the creative direction of the overall brand including logos, colors, and social media strategy.


Research: I worked with a couple other marketing directors to gain insight on our target audience, plan of attack in terms of how we will launch the app and


User Testing: After we thought we had a good grasp on how things should be, we did some real user testing with a live prototype.  We received lots of great insights from the user testing.


Some key stats:

And some key insights:

After taking into consideration lots of these pieces of feedback, I made some changes to the wireframes and created high fidelity mocks. Things like the “thumbs up / down” were added, as well as some social proof and friend lists.


Marketing: Also, in tandem with creating the app, we did a branding exercise finally settlings on a bold merlot-like color. This was a very strong color and tested well with our participants.  Here are some of the brand and marketing assets for reference: