SmugMug Checkout v2

Client: SmugMug | Year: 2015-2017 | Role: Designer, Design Director, User Researcher

One of my largest projects while at SmugMug was to redesign and re-engineer the entire Checkout (XO) flow. Their current XO flow had been in use for about 15 years! Tried and tested right? Well, it needed some love. Sales were going down, and I noticed several experience and usability pitfalls. I was tasked to “fix it”. A huge undertaking, I made several usability improvements, and changes to the overall flow to try and increase conversions. Almost 2 years later, we were finally ready to launch. Here are some of my new designs.


Shopping Cart Screen


Shipping Info / Options Screen


Billing Info / Payment Method Screen


Review Order Screen


Thank you / Confirmation Screen


Responsive Examples


Annndddd… In case you were wondering, The Old v1 screens (live from 2002-2017)